Our Story

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Growing up in a small family business, I was an entrepreneur from a young age. When I was a kid, my dad helped me create business plans for all my ideas. We had an entire plan to turn out home into a restaurant with a menu, pricing, and everything else.

Spending most of my life being involved in a small business, I have always tried to shop small or local as much as I can, which is how we came up with the idea for Cyntergi.

When we first thought of Cyntergi, it was after seeing people posting to Facebook looking for local businesses to shop with. The only problem with this, is you only see a few businesses within your circle.
We created Cyntergi to provide shoppers with a simple and easy way to find and support small businesses and local businesses.

Our Mission

At Cyntergi we wanted to create a platform that allows shoppers to easily connect with small businesses. Whether they are searching for a local business or a specific product, we want them to be able to find it on Cyntergi.

Cyntergi is an easy-to-navigate business directory for just small businesses so shoppers can easily find exactly what they are looking for while still supporting smaller businesses. Organized by category and linked to Google Maps, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for, and you can be certain it’s a small business!

Being a directory over a marketplace that sells products, we have made things more simple and affordable for the small businesses listed.
There is no commission, no complicated systems to manage products here on top of their own website.
We simply act as the bridge between shoppers and small businesses.

We believe it’s time for small businesses to be in the spotlight, and we aim to make that happen!

Our Story

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