Building a WordPress Website

How to build a Wordpress website

Why You Should Be Building A WordPress Website Steps To Building A WordPress Website Page Now that you have taken the next step in building a WordPress website, and created a contact us page! It is time to make sure it’s showing up on the menu on your new home page! Now you have a … Read more

How To Promote Your Website

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Promoting your website on Social Media When you want to promote your website/business on social media, you’ll want to post regularly, every day if possible. The more you post, the more engagement you’ll get. Most algorithms are based on engagement, so the more people that interact with your content the more people will see it … Read more

Best Work From Home Laptop

Best work from home laptop

What are the best work from home laptops? Lets talk about it! Working From Home The number of people working from home has sky rocketed in the last couple of years. Between the covid pandemic shutting everything down, and families trying to juggle two working parents – working form home has become an increasingly popular … Read more

Professional Email

Professional Email

Do you really need a professional email? You definitely do! Even if you’re just getting starting, you want to have a professional email. Having a professional email is important to demonstrate that you are a professional business. With a professional email over something like Gmail or Yahoo, you immediately appear as a reputable business. Even … Read more

Do You Need A Website?

Do you need a website?

Do You Need A Website? Do you need a website?Absolutely! Whether you’re a small coffee shop on the outskirts of town, or you’re making soap and picture frames in your garage, you absolutely need a website.Websites are incredible tools for many different things, even if you’re just starting your business. Great Exposure. With proper SEO … Read more